LinkedIn For Business: 5 Tools For Better Use

By the name itself it means that you wanted to be linked to whatever is happening and be part of the crowd which has been the common goal for everyone since junior high. For most of us, social media is just plain black and white and very dry. Do not be part of these people and think that way. There are great results when you use LinkedIn for business as well as great place to build a good reputation online and position yourself as an expert. LinkedIn should be used this way and it is a fact!
Here are 5 features of LinkedIn that will help your exposure and make better use of your time when you use LinkedIn.

Joining Strategic Groups
Some Groups in LinkedIn are active, vibrant and full of information. Consultants like Olivier Roland can offer great advice which means everyone wins! There are also groups in LinkedIn that have long been abandoned, therefore you have to carefully pick groups that offers advice and help in your day to day life, access to your clients and local connections.

By simply answering questions within your niche, you automatically increase respect and recognition as long as you what you have said makes sense, adds value to the conversation and very accurate. There are two options where you can answer questions; through the answer section on the search bar and within the groups itself. You can also learn more about LinkedIn by checking out the post at

You should have at least 3 recommendations in order for LinkedIn to consider your profile complete and 5 recommendations for each chapter of your career if you do not want to be a dead beat. This is a huge challenge if you are out sized or downsized.

Inmaps Feature
This feature from LinkedIn is a separate section where experiments happen with their apps. It shows you your own connection within the industry. This is very useful if you are trying to access content within your group at this link is looking for. It will also tell you that you're a little bit unbalanced on one of you niche or another.

Other Apps
There are also other apps that LinkedIn offers, it nothing like the Google Apps or a smart phone app. Slideshare and Amazon Reading Lists can further demonstrate your expertise in one sector compared to the other. This means that the more you draw of yourself, the more it become realistic impressions you receive from other people who views you profile.